Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Y'all

I am ready for Fall! I am so sick of this heat!!! Fall is my favorite season! I love the cool, crisp air, high school, and college football, Halloween, country fairs, school carnivals, turning leaves, spiced cider. I could go on forever. In these next few posts, I want to help usher in Fall with recipes, crafts, clothing ideas, decor, and possibly my very first giveaway!! Stay tuned, friends. Do I sound like Paula Deen, y'all ?


  1. Hello Ms. Sweet Tea:
    Just found your blog, very cute. You should check out The Blessed Nest, she is having a Fall Festival.

    PS. Her Fall Festival button is on my blog if you can't find her :)

  2. Oh, Thank you! I will check The Blessed Nest out!!