Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back To School... Already?!

Cannot believe it is almost that time... School bells will ring, and back to school the kids must go. I think we have had a much too short summer. I, for one, am sad to send my babes back. We have made some great memories this summer. I will miss them...

In the next few posts, I am going to focus on all things Back To School! I hope you will visit often, and hey, tell your friends. I need more followers. LOL!


  1. Im a follower who needs more followers...hint hint....wait you may already be one. I dont remember ,lol. So have you seen the Target commercial? So much glitter!

  2. Don't say that too loud. I swear they should have one more month off. Doesn't it feel that way to you? I'll tell you what. This summer holiday went by too fast and I'm not even the one who has to go back to school.
    Ugh! School clothes shopping, school supply shopping, uniform shopping (for the younger three), new shoe shopping....Lord have mercy!

  3. Thought our hols over here were fairly short but it seems our kids have an extra month off.Not good with bad weather most days!!!

  4. Holly, I do follow your blog and I love it!!

    Susan, Yes, I feel the same way!! Also, I think it is simply too hot to go back to school just now!! I still need to go uniform and supply shopping. uhh!

    Ann, Our summer vacations are very short in my opinion. I just started following your cute blog!!